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Rowing tour through Eton

Our boats

What's a touring boat?

Weyfarers currently has six "C" type coxed quads, which are widely used on the continent for touring rowing and teaching beginners. They are wider and more stable than racing boats, whilst having the same "feel" and requiring similar technique to row. We also have a coxed double scull touring boat.

The "official" specification of a coxed quad "C" gig is as follows:

  • Length 11 metres
  • Width 80 cm at the widest point
  • Weight approx 80 kg

This is about 20 kg heavier than a racing four, but can still be lifted by 4 strong or 6 average people. A reasonably competent crew can average 10 km per hour, and of course, there's plenty of room for spare kit and refreshments.

Our touring quads come from the following manufacturers:

  • BBG Berlin (Germany) - 3 boats
  • Schellenbacher (Austria - no website)
  • Wintech (China) - our newest boat, bought in 2012
  • "C" Line by Werner Kahl, bought second-hand from Lakeland Rowing Club in 2013

and the coxed double from

  • Lambrechtsen & Meijer (Holland) - subsequently taken over by Wiersma

These are the boats we use for our rowing courses.  The Schellenbacher, Wintech and C line can also be rigged for sweep-oar rowing.

Other boats

We have two Swift "Freedom" double sculls, which are narrower than touring boats but more stable than racing boats. These are ideal for people who have progressed beyond beginner level and want to try a faster boat. The latest boat was purchased with a generous grant from Sport England using money from the National Lottery.

We have just taken delivery (November 2015) of two Swift "Freedom" single sculls for our members who want to try single sculling but are a bit nervous of going out in a racing single.

We also have the following "fine" boats:

  • Dionysus - Sims coxed quad/four, 85 kg average crew weight
  • Barry Daniel - Janousek coxed quad/four, 70 kg average crew weight
  • Swift double scull - 75 kg average crew weight
  • Swift single scull - 75kg crew weight
  • Swift single scull - 65 kg crew weight

The late Pat Sherwin left us four Eton Whiffs, which are stable single sculls and ideal for beginners.

Oars and sculls

For our normal outings, we use "big blades" or "cleavers".  We have

  • 16 pairs of Braca sculls, most of which were purchased from our Sport England grant.
  • 8 pairs of Dreher sculls
  • 2 pairs of Croker sculls
  • 2 pairs of unnamed sculls

For teaching beginners we use macon sculls, which are easier for inexperienced rowers to handle.  We have

  • 4 pairs of Braca sculls
  • 8 pairs of new Xcell sculls
  • 4 pairs of older Xcell sculls

We have 8 Braca sweep-oar blades for our occasional sweep rowing sessions. 

Our Trailer

Because most boat trailers are designed to take racing boats, which are narrower than our touring boats, we commissioned a special design from De Graaf trailers

This is built on their light-weight chassis and takes 6 touring boats.