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What is the Certificate of Competency?

All members of Weyfarers should aim to achieve a Certificate of Competency once they have completed a beginners course or been rowing for about 3 months. It is equivalent to Stage 1 of the Explore Rowing passport.

In certain river conditions, only members who hold a Certificate of Competency are allowed to go afloat.

It consists of a written test and practical observation.

Written test

The aim of this is to check your knowledge of the following:

  • Navigation rules of the river
  • Warning boards and water conditions
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Name parts of the boat and blades
  • Boat safety checks
  • Boat terminology and crew positions
  • What to do in a capsize
  • What to do in an incident
  • The role of the cox
  • Differences between sculling and rowing

You should familiarise yourself with our safety procedures, which are based on Weybridge RC's rules and British Rowing's Row Safe

You can now take the test online!  Click here

Practical observation

A coach will observe and check that the member can do the following:

  • Safely carry and launch the boat (with assistance as necessary)
  • Get in and out of the boat correctly
  • Sit in the safe position
  • Hold the oar/sculls correctly
  • Adjust the foot stretcher to suit their body
  • Carry out a series of skill exercises
  • Row/scull with correct sequencing and posture, including feathering the blades
  • Back down on either side and both sides together
  • Carry out an emergency stop
  • Understand basic coxing commands

All of these are covered in the beginners course, but members should be able to carry them out without being reminded how in order to qualify for the Certificate.